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Consultant Ear Nose Throat Surgeon
MBBS(S'pore) . FRCS(Edin) . FRCS(Ire) . DLORCS(England) . GDAcu(S'pore) . FAMS(ENT)

Clinical Lecturer, National University of Singapore



Dr Eng started his surgical training and practice in Singapore and subsequently underwent a rigorous advanced training programme in reputable centres in the United Kingdom where he obtained his specialist degrees and was conferred Fellowships in the Royal Colleges in Edinburgh and Ireland. As a result of his hard work, Dr Eng has achieved a string of academic accolades which included the following:

  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine (Singapore)
  • Fellow, International College of Surgeons
  • International Fellow, American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head-Neck Surgeons (USA)
  • Diploma in Otology & Laryngology, Royal College of Surgeons (England)
  • Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture (Singapore)
  • Member, Portmann ENT Institute (France)
  • Member, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (USA)
  • Member, European Academy of Otology & Neurotology
  • Member, Singapore Medical Association
  • Member, Singapore Society of Otolaryngology


In 2004, Dr Eng was awarded the prestigious national health scholarship (SingHealth Health Manpower Development Programme) to train with renowned experts outside Singapore. During his clinical fellowship (2004-2006), he had the good fortune of being mentored by ‘giants’ of his surgical specialty that included Professor John Rutka and Professor Jerry Halik (University of Toronto), Professor Albert Merati (University of Wisconsin), Professor Marc Remacle (UCL de Mont Godine, Belgium), Professor Guy Lacher and Professor Didier Portmann (Portmann Institute, France).

Since his return from his fellowship, Dr Eng served as a consultant surgeon in Changi General Hospital before leaving for private practice in 2008. During this short stint, Dr. Eng pioneered the Ear & Hearing service and provided sub-specialty care in voice and throat management. At the same time, he maintained his interest in children ENT management by collaborating with KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital as a Visiting Consultant.

Dr Eng has a strong pioneering spirit and has performed several firsts in the field of otology. In December 2006, Dr Eng blazed the trail by becoming the first ENT surgeon in South East Asia to perform the semi-implantable hearing aid (Retro-X). In 2012, he became the first surgeon in the private sector (Singapore) to perform the Hybrid cochlear implant.



Despite a hectic clinical schedule, Dr Eng remains active in research and academics. He has published numerous articles in international and local peer-reviewed journals, contributed in book chapters including the Textbook of Laryngology (2006) and Voix Parlée et Chantée (2007), given more than 30 academic presentations in local and international meetings and was organizing chairman for more than 25 academic meetings. He is currently leading several research projects and holds a grant from Singapore Cancer Society for his research on The Screening for Nasopharyngeal Cancer using Optical Coherence Tomography.

Dr Eng was the former Editor-in-Chief, Family Physicians’ Update and Chairman of the Continuous Medical Education Committee in Changi General Hospital. He is the appointed reviewer for several scientific journals including European Review in ENT, Acta Oto-Laryngologica, Annals of Academy, Medicine and the Singapore Medical Journal.

Dr Eng is well regarded by ENT surgeons worldwide and travels extensively to conduct talks and workshops in the region including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Nepal. In the local scene, he is the co-director of the 1st Singapore ENT Laser Workshop (2008) and the Hands-On Transnasal Esophagoscopy Course (2008) and the co-director of the 4th Asia Pacific Otology & Neurotology Meeting (2010).

Dr Eng is the originator of the hugely successful workshop series “Hands-On Vertigo Workshop for GPs” and is an integral faculty of the on-going “ASCENT Practical ENT Workshop” series which ASCENT has been providing since her inception.


Besides academic work, Dr Eng has been passionate about community services. In 2008, he started the World Voice Day Seminar and highlighted the importance of voice care in professional voice users. In 2009, he initiated the Tinnitus Awareness Day for tinnitus sufferers. He is frequently invited by schools, factories, governmental and private organizations to conduct talks to create awareness on ENT issues including hearing loss, voice care for teachers, children ENT problems – what parents should know, snoring and sneeze, etc.

Dr Eng is the founding member of IMPACT Contact Singapore, part of an international foundation involving 17 nations which co-labor in reducing physical disabilities. Over the past 10 years, Dr Eng has led surgical-anaesthetic teams to developing countries including Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh to perform surgery on a purely voluntary basis.

Dr Eng is an elected member of the Medical Advisory Board in both Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Parkway East Hospital.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Impact of tinnitus as measured by the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory among tinnitus sufferers in Singapore. Lim J J B H, Lu P K S, Koh D S Q, Eng S P. Singapore Med J. 2010; 51(7) : 551.
  • Re-use of pectoralis major myocutaneous flap in the treatment of recurrent hypopharyngeal stenosis following total Laryngectomy and post-operative radiotherapy - a case report. C V Haverbeke, G Lawson, M Remacle. Acknowledgement: SP Eng (proof reading). European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. July 2006: 263(7); 661-663.
  • Saccular involvement in aminoglycoside-induced vestibular toxicity. MM Zarandy, P Kessler, SP Eng, D Hajioff, PJ Ranalli, JA Rutka. Accepted for publication in Laryngoscope.
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Book Chapters:

  • Marc Remacle, Stephanie Zaarour, SP Eng, Dominique Morsomme. La Presbyphonie. Le Vieillissement de la voix. In Voix Parlée et Chantée (French) Klein-Dallant. 2007.
  • SP Eng, Georges Lawson, Thiery Vanderborght, Marc Lacrosse, Marc Remacle. Radiology of the Larynx. In Textbook of Laryngology. Plural Publishing. 2006.
  • SP Eng. (Editor and contributor) ENT Handbook for Medical Officers - Division of ENT, Changi General Hospital.2004.
  • SGH Research Directory 2000. Contributor, SGH Research Committee Workgroup. 2000.
  • Management of Food Bolus. Departmental Handbook on ENT Management. Department of Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. 2000.


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