Who We Are

ASCENT Ear Nose Throat Specialist Group

Formed in 2008, the ASCENT Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist Group was the first ENT group in Singapore. The vision of its founding members, Dr Elliot Eng, Dr Leong Jern-Lin, and Dr Ignatius Mark, was to build an ENT group that would provide the highest standard of ENT care in Singapore and the region. Each of our doctors has undergone internationally-recognised fellowship training in their respective fields after completing ENT specialist training in Singapore.

Today, ASCENT ENT is served by 5 doctors covering the main subspecialties in ENT – Otology, Head and Neck, Rhinology, Laryngology, Sleep Medicine & Surgery, Facial Plastic and Paediatric ENT.

Working together, we strive to provide excellence in general and subspecialty ENT Care.

Who We Are

Mission & Vision

  • ASCENT ENT offers the best accessibility and convenience for patients with 3 clinics at 3 locations in Singapore. It is the only private ENT group with clinics at 3 locations in Singapore. These are at Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Mt Alvernia Hospital, and Parkway East Hospital.
  • ASCENT ENT aims to be at the cutting-edge of ENT care in Singapore. To this end, our doctors continue to be actively involved in academia. They serve regularly as invited faculty at local and international ENT courses as well as on the ENT specialist examination boards in Singapore.

Our Senior Management

Xu Yan Hui

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Noel Seet


Ms Nelly Norherda Binte Hamid

Nurse Manager

Our Clinic Staff

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Clinic

Parkway East Hospital Clinic

Mount Alvernia Hospital Clinic

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does My Condition Require A Visit To An ENT Specialist?

    When specific conditions become more chronic and persistent, the treatment options may be beyond your GP’s expertise.If your ear, nose, or throat problems (e.g., persistent blocked nose, sinus infections,chronic tonsil infections, and snoring) are troubling you and affecting your quality of life,visiting an ENT specialist for an assessment and diagnosis is the best course of action.

    What Can I Expect At My First ENT Specialist Visit?

    During your first visit, we will take a thorough clinical history. Depending on the symptoms you have, we may perform some physical examinations and diagnostic tests. This may include a nasendoscopy, which allows him to see clearly inside the nasal passages and sinuses. After diagnosis, we will advise a treatment protocol that is customised to your specific condition.

    You may also ask us any questions you may have that are related to your symptoms and condition. If you experience any discomfort, do not hesitate to bring it up.Our friendly team strives to make your visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

    What Modes Of Payments Do You Accept?

    Consultation fees are charged based on the length of consultation and start at SGD $150 (within 30 minutes). We accept the following modes of payment: cash, NETS, PayNow, PayLah, and all major credit cards. If you are insured and would like to use E-Filing or a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) from the major insurers in Singapore,please contact us. Our friendly clinic staff will assist you and provide more information if required.