Dizziness & Balance

About BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

People who experience brief episodes of intense spinning vertigo which are triggered when they lie down or bend over often have BPPV. While the symptoms are severe patients may report that their symptoms have been present for weeks. However, unlike the vertigo in vestibular neuronitis, patients do not actually have continuous vertigo and are well in between episodes. BPPV is due to loosening of otoliths (small particles of calcium carbonate) from their proper position on membranes in the inner ear. The semicircular canals (SCCs) of the inner ear become sensitive to gravity, resulting in the symptoms described above. Most types of BPPV can be cured by performing the appropriate particle repositioning procedure to reposition these particles out of the SCCs so that they no longer trigger vertigo. Immediate relief of symptoms can be expected in >85% of patients, while repeated procedures may be required in some patients who may take 1-2 more weeks to fully recover.