Allergy & Immunotherapy

About Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is carefully timed and gradually increased exposure to allergens, particularly those that are difficult to avoid, such as pollens, dust mites and moulds. The goal is to train the body’s immune system not to react to these allergens.

Immunotherapy might be used when other treatments are not effective or tolerated. It might help prevent the development of asthma in some people. It is also an option to 

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT)

With this type of immunotherapy, you place an allergen-based tablet under your tongue (sublingual) and allow it to be absorbed. This daily treatment has been shown to reduce runny nose, congestion, eye irritation and other symptoms associated with hay fever. It also improves asthma symptoms and may prevent the development of asthma.

SLIT tablets contain extracts from pollens of different types of grass, including the following: