Dizziness and Balance

About Canalith Repositioning Manoeuvres For BPPV

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a specific type of vertigo due to an abnormality in the inner ear semicircular canals (SCC) where displaced calcium particles (canaliths) responding to gravity  cause you to have spinning vertigo when you assume certain positions especially lying down.

If your doctor suspects that you have BPPV, he may perform therapeutic manoeuvre so as to cause repositioning of these dislodged calcium particles to move into a different part of the inner ear where they do not trigger spinning vertigo. There are different manoeuvres for different parts of the inner system (e.g. Epley manoeuvre) and your doctor will perform the most appropriate manoeuvre based on clinical testing for vertigo.

This form of therapy is the most effective treatment for vertigo with more than 80% of patients recovering within 1 week. However, it is only applicable for vertigo caused by BPPV.