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About Sialendoscopy

Sialendoscopy is minimally-invasive procedure for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the salivary ducts of the submandibular and/or parotid salivary glands. Most commonly, it is a method to remove small to moderate-sized salivary duct stones (sialolithiasis).

The very narrow sialendoscopes (endoscopes used for salivary ducts) are inserted into the opening of the affected duct in the mouth, providing a magnified view on the monitor which allows your surgeon to manoeuvre within the duct, to extract stones and/or debris, to flush with saline and to administer topical corticosteroids for the treatment of inflammation of the ducts.

The main advantage of this technique is that in appropriate cases, patients will not require removal the affected salivary gland and duct, thus avoiding loss of salivary gland function and the risk of scarring of the skin.