Surgery For Snoring & OSA

About Tongue Advancement Surgery

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) occurs when one or more levels of the upper airway become obstructed due to narrowing and/or collapse while you sleep. 

The area behind the tongue is a common area for narrowing or collapse. There are various procedures in the surgical treatment of OSA which are designed to pull the tongue forward and improve the resting muscle tone in the tongue, without affecting swallowing or voice.

One of the more common surgical procedures in this category is genioglossus advancement (GGA). In this operation, the area where one of the muscles that attach the tongue to the back of the lower jaw. (genioglossus) is pulled forward, making the tongue firmer and less collapsible during sleep.

Genioglossus advancement is performed under general anaesthesia. A small window of bone is made in the lower jaw, and the piece of bone along with the attachment for the tongue is pulled forward and fixed by a small screw or a plate in the external bone surface.